Why it is called a new version? Because Office Setup Home Student 2019 has launched it in 2019 in recent years as well as it has new tools and techniques in it. Office 2019 can be operated by sitting at home as well as by students who are searching for something creative and new version. So that students can design their creative ideas into a modern one. The office has Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and much more in it.

Steps for Office Setup Home Student 2019

  • You require an account on Microsoft office. But after that, you even require another account for office setup home and student 2019.
  • For another account for office 2019 open the official website of Microsoft office and there sign in for the already existing account on Office.
  • Then enter the Install office option. There again a process will appear.
  • You have to again fill in the account details.
  • There sign in or create an account. For New users select to create an account option and click on it.
  • Then enter your First and last name, then email address, then password which is newly created by you, etc.
  • Then submit the account form. Now go for Google puzzle games for verification purposes. Solve it correctly and your account creates.
  • The next step is to enter the office setup product key code or license keycode.
  • Then enter the keycode that you have got with the office package.
  • When you enter the license key code you are ready to get the applications of the office app.

Activation of Office Setup 2019

  What is Office Product Key Code:-

  • This is a 25 digit key code that you get with the package.
  • The keycode is hidden in the black colour key symbolized card.
  • It is packed in the box to the right side into a pocket like the packaging.
  • You can even buy it online or get the code via mail. Even you can buy the package from a retailer or online shopping sites.

  Installation of office setup

  • This is another way to activate the applications of office 2019.
  • Open any one of the applications i.e Word or Excel or any other application.
  • Then go into the settings option of the application. Then select my account option.
  • There you will see the license key code of last time. Erase the last time keycode.
  • Then enter the new license keycode into the blank space. Then click on the update option.
  • Now the application for office install with product key will update.
  • You can even directly purchase office.com/setup home & student 2019 through the application.